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Mango Creek Lodge is an Eco resort, specializing in romantic getaways, fly fishing, and pristine diving, located on the island of Roatan in the Bay Islands of Honduras. Mango Creek Lodge was originally a private vacation retreat, built between 1994-1997. In 2003, construction started on the resort, and Mango Creek Lodge opened for business in 2004. From the beginning, the owners’ vision was to provide an intimate, casual vacation experience similar to the fishing lodges of Canada. Today, Mango Creek Lodge welcomes guests from around the world to enjoy the beauty of Roatan. The island’s tropical charm and warm climate promise a perfect escape from the hard winters of the North or the busy working lifestyle you lead. Come join us for your anniversary, honeymoon, or just a quiet romantic getaway. Want a fishing or dive destination to write home about? Come stay with us. Mango Creek Lodge is owned by Autie and Janie McVicker. Passionate about Roatan and the quality of life to be enjoyed here. They enjoy a local home in Parrot Tree and share their time between Roatan and their home in Kemah, Texas. They are often seen here enjoying the beautiful grounds of Mango Creek Lodge and visiting with guests. Mango Creek Lodge is an Eco resort and we have won awards for doing this to the extent, or level that we do. We have our Butterfly award and we achieved a five star rating from Eco Hotels of the World. We also have received a 5 star rating on Eco Tropical Resorts. Power: Mango Creek Lodge is off the grid, generating power by solar, wind, and a backup propane generator. We currently produce 85% of all our power requirements. This is done with 50 solar panels, 6 wind generators, totaling 7.5 KW of power and with more to be added soon. It is our hope that our example will inspire others to do more.Our generator runs for 1-2 hours per night and burns no diesel or gasoline to do so. There are 6 over-the-water cabanas at Mango Creek. When we are full we have 12-18 guests in house. This is not some tiny experimental solar installation, we are a busy tourist destination with all that signifies, and requires. Everything has power available 24 hours a day, including fridges, freezers, an ice maker, and many ceiling fans. We also have Wifi in the restaurant and the main lodge. In order to store this power we use a large bank of batteries. 24 to be exact each weighing 530 pounds. These give us two banks of 24 volt with 8000 ampere hours each. Waste: Where possible we use both grey water systems and black water waste systems. The cabanas have real flushing toilets in them, just like back home. This insures with the addition of Biodegradable soaps and cleaners that we do nothing to our beautiful Port Royal. We have a 3-stage septic tank that takes care of our waste. Water: We have in storage at most times over 40,000 gallons of drinking water. There is also 8000 gallons of rain water, from the main lodge roof. Mango Creek Lodge property was THE spot in the past where local Islanders could get good water. We continue to offer, free of charge, all the drinking water that the locals need. Thorough testing of our water has shown that it is consistently cleaner and better for you than locally bottled water. Education and community involvement: We are actively involved in many projects in our neighborhood, Port Royal, and on the island of Roatan as a whole. We have helped in educating local students. We support local schools with donations of books. We have sponsored a local trash cleanup program in Oak Ridge and Port Royal. We have a Queen Conch preserve and with the support of 95% of the locals it is thriving and will keep producing Conch for the future of Roatan. We have donated a motorcycle to the local police in Oak Ridge. And we also have a daily Harbor Patrol program that we sponsor for all of Port Royal. Trying to make a difference whenever we can. Planning Checklist Roatan is a tropical Island where the average temperature is 84F during the day and 75F at night. It is very informal island and we abide by local standards. Dress at the lodge is informal including dinners at the restaurant. Fishing shirts and shorts are typical, shoes please. We suggest bringing light comfortable clothing and the following items to make your stay as comfortable as possible. Light jacket or sweater for cool morings or evenings Light long-sleeved shirts, pants and a wide-brimmed hat for sun protection Suncreen and lip screen (SPF 15 or higher) Insect Repellant ('Sawyer' Time realease Deet recommended) Lightweight rain gear for those tropical showers (a must Nov - Jan) Camera, batteries, film and memory cards Small waterproof bag for carrying extra gear Polarized sunglasses (amber color are best for spotting fish) Wading booties for stalking bonefish on the flats Fisherman's pliers, clipper and cleaner Personal medications Binoculars for our bird watchers Hand Towel/Rag for fishing use Gloves for handling fish with sharp fins


  • At Mango Creek Lodge, our first responsibility is to our guests. Our objective is to put a smile on each customer’s face. To meet that objective, we must constantly strive to improve our lodge. Everything we do must be of high quality while reducing our costs to maintain reasonable prices.


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